PoGo's Chill

Chillout Mix

PoGo’s Chill – Vol 15
(Waves Of Winter)

15 mix déjà !
Allez un p’tit mix avant de partir au ski. Avec des bonnes découvertes comme Plaid et Burial.
Bonne écoute !
Pensez à donner un petit commentaire si vous aimez (ou pas).
mp3 – cue – stream Tracklisting :

01 – Burial – Uk
02 – Evave – Rise Again
03 – Plaid – This City
04 – Ulrich Schnauss – Stars
05 – Milan Kolarovic – Landmark of Lullabies
06 – Burial – Archangel
07 – Smith & Mighty – Same
08 – Jon Hopkins – Inner Peace
09 – Oman Chali – Lost in Beijing
10 – Kahvi1 – Free Kittens
11 – Bad Loop – Kannas NSP
12 – Minimalistix – Close Cover (Brians After Dark Remix)
13 – Xerxes – Eventyr(Spiral Box Remix)
14 – Talvin Singh – Butterfly
15 – Everything But The Girl – Single (Photek Remix)
16 – Plaid – Gel Lab

Responses (6) to “PoGo’s Chill – Vol 15
(Waves Of Winter)

  1. P()G() says:

    Thanks !

    To dl my mix, you have to setup your browser to download the mp3 file instead of opening it with quick-time-evil-soft.

  2. jpq says:

    I love this mix. i really want to download it, however when i go to the download section, and i click download, it starts playing using quick-time. What is the proper way to download it..

    Keep up the good work..

    ciao Jp

  3. DaviuS says:

    Ahhhh les “mixpilations” de M. P()G()… un plaisir !… Je vais comme toujours recommander ce dernier opus à quelques collègues bien fans de ce genre de musique…

  4. Jose GARCIA says:

    GENIAL !!!!

  5. Arne says:

    Hello Pogo,

    i found your new Mix today and heard it all the time.
    It’s a great Mix again. Thank you for sharing your Music it makes my days a lot brighter!

    Greetings from Germany,


  6. S4RuM4N says:

    Yabon PoGo \o/


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